11 timer tilbage. Perfekt emne for 4K og HDR

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Af Steven 🌞 Snedker den 31. maj 2017 - 10:35 [2]

11 timer tilbage. Perfekt emne for 4K og HDR

https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/manden-pa-bjerget/dokumentar-1-20/dr-dokumentar-grevinden-pa-tredje ⟲


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"Every gun shot explodes from your speakers like the world’s loudest firework. The synth-based score hits levels of bass so deep and powerful that they caused my ears to pop - a first for any 4K Blu-ray soundtrack to date. Security shutters slide closed with an impact more reminiscent of a spaceship crashing to earth. Thumped and headbutted faces sound like cabbages being crushed under rock pounders. People scream with the volume of a dozen banshees. And when Ma-Ma unleashes her turret guns on what can only be described as the entire neighborhood, you half expect the sky to fall in. Or at least your ceiling beams.

Dredd’s soundtrack also makes phenomenally aggressive use of the rear channels, filling them almost constantly with a dizzying combination of subtle ambient effects and accurately placed, dynamically transitioning shooting/fighting effects that are pretty much as potent as the racket coming from the front speakers."

forbes.com - 'Dredd' 4K Blu-ray Review

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