Heeey! Det er fredag!

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Af Steven 🌞 Snedker den 11. august 2017 - 4:33 [0]

Heeey! Det er fredag!

"Is there a form of happiness beyond the mere repetition of pleasure and avoidance of pain? Is there a happiness that does not depend upon having one’s favorite foods available, or friends and loved ones within arm’s reach, or good books to read, or something to look forward to on the weekend? Is it possible to be happy before anything happens, before one’s desires are gratified, in spite of life’s difficulties, in the very midst of physical pain, old age, disease, and death?

We are all, in some sense, living our answer to this question—and most of us are living as though the answer were “no.” No, nothing is more profound than repeating one’s pleasures and avoiding one’s pains; nothing is more profound than seeking satisfaction—sensory, emotional, and intellectual—moment after moment. Just keep your foot on the gas until you run out of road.

Certain people, however, come to suspect that human existence might encompass more than this."


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Ja, dette er et dumt spørgsmål med et nemt svar, men det er der kun fordi spam-robotter er for dumme til at besvare den slags, mens mennesker ikke er.

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