"I confess that I’m not only not a thing enthusiast, but have long found people clapping for things they recognize,...

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Af Steven 🌞 Snedker den 5. april 2018 - 20:18 [5]

"I confess that I’m not only not a thing enthusiast, but have long found people clapping for things they recognize, whether it be the Stan Lee cameo or almost the entirety of Game Night, thoroughly infuriating, if not the symptom of a sick society. It’s a credit to Spielberg that his production design and action compositions are dazzling enough for me to enjoy action scenes designed largely to serve the thing recognizers, even in the context of a story that’s all empty calories."

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"A fanboy is not a fan of a specific thing, just an all-purpose fan… of things? Thus, your personal identity is “person who likes… things?”

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There but for the grace of God go I

theonion.com - Larry Groznic - The Onion

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"Sure, it’s still about a virtual reality scavenger hunt set in the far off year of 2044 and a kid named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) who knows so much about The Mighty Orbots and Cassingles that he’s a much better person than you. But a lot has changed because a truly faithful adaptation would mostly amount to Wil Wheaton reading a listicle of 90 Things Only '80s Kids Remember over YouTube footage of a Robotron 2048 walkthrough."

shockcinema.blogspot.dk - Film Review: READY PLAYER ONE by Mike Sullivan

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"Aside from being vapid, READY PLAYER ONE is riddled with plot holes. The biggest one being, why are so many kids in 2044 obsessing over things that were created about 60 years ago? I mean are kids today totally into all the great pop-culture from 1958? Are 15-year-olds cosplaying as Richard Boone from I BURY THE LIVING? Re-listening to all the songs on the KING CREOLE soundtrack? Streaming episodes of SUGARFOOT on their Ipads? I’m not saying as others have weirdly suggested that there should be some pop-cultural representation from 2044, because why would you want to feature made-up iconography that doesn’t exist yet? Besides, its inclusion would mean even more exposition and the last thing this film needs to do is to take an even bigger info-dump on its audience’s laps. But shouldn’t there at least be some Caveman SpongeBob, Walter White or Demogorgon avatars wandering around? Why would teenagers in 2044 be intimately familiar with BUCKAROO BANZAI when teenagers in 2018 aren’t even aware of its existence?"

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