"On average, Eigg runs on 90-95% renewable energy.[ ...]

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"On average, Eigg runs on 90-95% renewable energy.[ ...]

Then there are days, usually in winter, when the island has the opposite problem: it creates more energy than it can use or store. Just as Eigg Electric has to manage its deficiencies itself, it has to manage its surpluses. Fortunately, it has a system for that too: when there is a surplus of power, electric heaters in the community hall, pier lobby and two churches automatically turn on. This keeps these shared spaces warm all through the winter and requires “virtually no central heating in the system at all,” says Booth. “We don’t charge for it because the whole community benefits.”

It seems fitting that the electric grid’s surpluses benefit the community, since the inhabitants were responsible for the electric grid’s development. In June, the island will celebrate 20 years of community ownership. Previously, Eigg had a succession of landlords; most tenants had no legal tenure, making development virtually impossible. In 1997, the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, a partnership between the residents, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Highland Council, purchased the island. A few years later, residents began working on the electrification project. Eigg Electric – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Trust – was incorporated in 2005. “The whole thing,” says Booth, “is run by and for the island.”

Hu hej, hvor kan folk være kloge.



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In 2008, Eigg became the world’s first community to launch an off-grid electric system powered by wind, water and solar

Jeg tror Samsingerne er lidt fortørnede over den udtalelse: dac.dk - Samsø: Selvforsynende i fællesskab - Dansk Arkitektur Center og http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2008/07/07/the-island-in-the-wind: By 2001, fossil-fuel use on Samsø had been cut in half. By 2003, instead of importing electricity, the island was exporting it, and by 2005 it was producing from renewable sources more energy than it was using.

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Malthe Høj-Sunesen - As good a project as Samsø has, it is not off-grid. Eigg cannot export electricity.

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Johnnie Hougaard Nielsen en skam at Samsø slet ikke nævnes i BBC-artiklen. Jeg får en fornemmelse af at Eigg skulle fremhæves for alt i verden.

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