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White Right: Meeting The Enemy

White Right: Meeting The Enemy (stream/record) (Netflix) (7,7 IMDB).

There is something particularly cool about sensible, well-behaved people who risk a lot of misery by seeking out extremists on their home turf to engage in an adult conversation with them.

Homosexual Stephen Fry left his many millions of dollars and comfortable life in London to go to Uganda to hear more about the country's kill all homosexual policy.

Infidel Jamie Walters visited the Jihadi neighbors (one of them killed many innocent pedestrians).

Reggie Yates and Stacey Dooley visit almost anyone, as long as they're dangerous/narrow-minded. Even Top Gear went to Alabama .

And here, non-white Deeyah Khan visits racists and Nazis to find out what they believe in and why.

This is excellent.

Do listen to the Sam Harris Podcast (SH, YT) - a great conversation on her documentaries.

5. dec 2018
Rammstein Live Paris 2011
26. okt 2017
Dredd (2012)

Dredd is

  • ultra violent
  • sci-fi
  • satire

Expertly written by Alex Garland, beautifully photographed by Anthony Dodd Mantle.

No, it's not the old crap Sylvester Stallone movie. It's a fairly new offering. And it is excellent.

If you are a man of a certian age, education and background, you'll cherish it. It's a great film in the vein of Robocop and Starship Troopers.

22. okt 2017
George Michael: Freedom

Doc about the sweet pop genius.

"This is very much George Michael according to George Michael. With contributions from his famous pals."

"So preposterous perhaps, but also honest and brilliant – the film, and the man. He says he would like to be remembered, not just as a singer and songwriter, but also as “someone who had some kind of integrity”. That seems likely." - according to Sam.

22. okt 2017

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