Ah, det forklarer en del.

Indsendt af Steven Snedker den 30. oktober 2018 - 7:56

Ah, det forklarer en del.

"Klein is a political journalist. In politics, one rarely encounters an argument posed as a neutral thought experiment or research query. If a subject is under discussion, the arguments marshaled by both sides are usually advocacy in the service of one group or another. A political thinker always sees ideas in context, and the most important context is: who does this argument benefit and who does it disadvantage?

This pattern should be familiar to Quillette readers who have followed the adventures of the Intellectual Dark Web. The IDW is a nascent group of thinkers mainly composed of high- decoupling scientist types, like Jordan Peterson (Ph.D.), Steven Pinker (Ph.D.), Christina Hoff Sommers (Ph.D.), Bret Weinstein (Ph.D.), James Damore (dropped out of a Ph.D. program to join Google), and, of course, Sam Harris (Ph.D.).

IDW members attempt to discuss highly charged issues like gender and race differences, material progress, free speech, or religious belief in a dispassionate way. In response, contextualizing journalists (almost universally from non-science backgrounds) accuse the IDWs of being against some group or other: against trans people, against women, against blacks, against Muslims, and so on."

Politikere er dumme. Steven er klog (og videnskabsmand).

(læs endelig ikke videre efter denne konklusion er nået)




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Ja, dette er et dumt spørgsmål med et nemt svar, men det er der kun fordi spam-robotter er for dumme til at besvare den slags, mens mennesker ikke er.