Here are the 52 key points I took from a reading of Seneca's Letters

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Af Steven 🌞 Snedker den 27. januar 2018 - 20:12 [1]

Here are the 52 key points I took from a reading of Seneca's Letters

They are possibly the most useful book of distilled wisdom in the whole of literature inspiring Montaigne and many others. Also highly readable.

If anyone is interested I can create a free PDF with these plus the earlier visuals and other thoughts on Stoicism.

1.Always have clear priorities

2.Seek what is enough, then stop

3.Judge people before you place your trust in them

4.Be able to be both “on” and “off”

5.Improve yourself a little each day

6.Conform to what is natural

7.Limit your desires to reduce fear

8.Share your learning

9.Learn to like yourself

10.Teach to learn

11.Avoid mass crowds

12.To better yourself surround yourself with better people

13.To reduce cravings don’t have wealthy neighbours

14.When fortune smiles on you don’t let that be a snare

15.It is OK to feel your troubles – and then overcome them

16.If you want to be loved, then love

17.You will derive more pleasure from painting than from having completed a picture

18.Set yourself high standards perhaps embodied in someone you respect

19.Die without regrets

20.Develop your body a little but to overdevelop is wasteful

21.Be grateful (a life of folly is empty of gratitude)

22.Remind yourself of your good achievements

23.Perfection of wisdom makes the happy life

24.Prepare yourself to deal with obstacles

25.Slum it occasionally

26.Be OK with obstacles but don’t seek them out

27.Awareness of a problem is the first step to solving it

28.To understand something full go way beyond memorizing quotes

29.Learn to be a teacher one day not just a pupil

30.To create new things, you must be discontent with how things are

31.Speak slowly and clearly

32.Treat others as you would wish to be treated

33.To be happy you must think of others, not just yourself

34.Learn essential things, not just inessential ones

35.Strength comes from hardship

36.Pace yourself – you don’t need to have every experience now

37.Ask yourself: Are you living to your full potential?

38.You are what you think you are

39.To avoid being tired of life, view the variety, majesty and sublimity of the world

40.Seek moderation – if you overdo pleasures they become punishments

41.Wisdom lies beyond books

42.Things aren’t that hard you need a bit of confidence and to just do get going

43.Don’t become a slave to your wealth

44.A good foundation for peace of mind is not to wrong others

45.Life is no soft affair. Expect a few bumps and don’t sweat the small stuff

46.Tame your love of learning

47.Come to learn not just to wear the badge

48.Search out helpful teaching that is capable of immediate practical application

49.Seek your pleasures in things that are easy to come by

50.You might not be able to have everything you want. But you can learn not to want the things you can’t have.

51.Learn not to crave these: Wealth, pleasure, good looks, political advancement

52.Learn not to fear these: Exertion, death, pain, disgrace, limited means


Steven Snedkers billede

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