I kø til kisten

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Af Steven Snedker den 19. september 2022 - 9:16 [0]

"The British are not the only nation on earth that knows how to queue, but we’re the only ones to make it part of our personal brand. How like us to romanticise a phenomenon that is fundamentally a response to scarcity and privation. This queue, The Queue, looks like a feat of civic organisation that only the British would think to pull off. There are portaloos and police barriers and stewards staged with a precision that speaks of years of planning."

"Pam flew here from Wisconsin this morning. She is almost 60 and over six feet tall, with a blonde crop and a strong jaw and no indoor voice. “A few hours of me is too much for most people,” she warns, with a laugh that doesn’t reach her eyes. She needn’t have worried. Everyone indulges her because she is foreign and her excitement is flattering – although her mother loved the Queen more. “She told me ‘think about it, Pam – think about what she had to accomplish. As a female.’”

"Maybe it’s a coincidence, but almost everyone I speak to turns out to have recently lost someone, or something important."

14 hours in The Queue to see Queen Elizabeth's coffin er forrygende. London Bridge is down.

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Ja, dette er et dumt spørgsmål med et nemt svar, men det er der kun fordi spam-robotter er for dumme til at besvare den slags, mens mennesker ikke er.

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