“Everything we do is very scientific, very data-based, very numbers-based,” said Mr.

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“Everything we do is very scientific, very data-based, very numbers-based,” said Mr. Chougule, the Americans for Prosperity policy director. “We are able to see who are the people that are most likely to engage on this issue, who are the people most aligned with us that we need to get out, and who are the people whose minds we can change.”



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Yeah, don't you just hate democracy? When the stupid voters do the wrong thing?

"It will be far-reaching, it will serve every part of our city — north, south, east, and west — and it will help to shape our future growth and development,” said Ms. Barry, who enjoyed approval ratings near 70 percent. A poll by her team found that close to two-thirds of voters would support raising taxes to pay for transit.

The vote was set for May 1.

But then in late January Ms. Barry, who is married, acknowledged a nearly two-year affair with the former head of her security detail after a series of exposés, including reports of steamy texts, overseas trips and inappropriate spending. In March she resigned, and later pleaded guilty to theft.

Why could those stupid voters not ignore such an irrelevant thing and vote for the transit plan? Why?

Why, oh why?

"After Ms. Barry’s resignation, Nashville’s pro-transit movement struggled. Its messaging became muddled, strategists said, with supporters claiming that the plan would do everything: create jobs, benefit the environment and even boost the health and wellness of residents."

"Ultimately, the pro-transit camp failed to fend off criticism that the plan benefited a gentrifying downtown at the expense of more distant lower-income and minority areas."

Ahh, that is why! Perhaps voters are not stupid after all. Perhaps this democracy thing actually works? Who would have thunk it?

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Tyvagtige politikere duer ikke. Men jeg må henlede herrens opmærksomhed på illustrationen "Basic urban math" der på fortrinligste vis fortæller hvorfor en bus (eller cykler) er bedre end selv 50 førerløse el-biler lavet af økologisk bambus.

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