Offended by Irvine Welsh

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Indsendt af Steven den 18. november 2020 - 13:14 [0]

Welsh also gives sanitising a page of one of his own novels a go – clacking away at the keyboard to replace his character’s misogyny, racism, homophobia and derogatory language, line by line. Also the swearing.

“Ach,” he says, reviewing the newly clean draft. “It’s pretty fucking shite, isn’t it?”

They signed up to make money and to look after lobbyists and to hive off all the resources from the community into the pockets of their friends. They don’t want to govern.

Yes. I flew into the Sun and looked down on the Earth and saw little gnomes and kind of chatted to them. They took me around and they showed me the place. The walls fell away on either side.

Offended by Irvine Welsh

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