"Twenty-four years ago in this magazine, Robert D.

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"Twenty-four years ago in this magazine, Robert D. Kaplan published a real downer of an article, titled “The Coming Anarchy,” about a “bifurcated world” in which rich and comfortable First Worlders would be surrounded by an increasingly wretched majority. One of the visionary pessimists Kaplan quoted, the Canadian political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon, likened this future to a scene in which a limousine passes through crime-afflicted streets in New York."



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With a few changes to names and locations, it could easily describe the situation in Sweden. We had no Merkel saying "Wir schaffen das". We had both a center-right prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, saying "Open your hearts" and a center-left prime minister, Stefan Löfven, saying "My country does not build walls". And a couple of months later the center-left government, with the reluctant agreement by the Greens, instigated tighter border controls, implementation passport checks at the intra-EU border to Danmark, and drastically reduced the number of asylum seekers gaining entry into the country. Elections are coming up and except for the left-wing, former communist party, every mainline party is promising more control, more police, more effective screening and deportation policies. All in an effort to halt the process of voters going to the anti-immigrant Sverigedemokraterna. Elections in autumn will interesting to watch.

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